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Hybrid bookshelf chairs are nothing new, but many are made to narrowly accommodate only a limited size or shape of reading selection – that is where this one sets itself apart.

Its multiple open shelving areas will fit a variety of book sizes, on the one side, and on the other: a flexible magazine-hanging space likewise accommodates a variety of shapes and sizes.

The chair itself is intended to both facilitate quiet reading and social interactivity: “It is a comfortable reading space for those wanting a quieter moment, while also a showcase for books and magazines of any size and shape. At the same time the chair was to be open, exposing the user to others within the space allowing for serendipitous interaction.”

About its creators: TILT have developed a collaborative design methodology that actively engages the users of a space in all stages of the design process from the initial briefing to the actual making of the space. The process encourages users to explore the role of objects, furniture and design in their space, and its impact on their own culture and behaviour.”