Bookworm bookshelf in color

Surround yourself with the books you love as you lounge on the ‘Bookworm’, a combination chair/bookcase with a sculptural curving design by Atelier 010. The Bookworm chair even has built-in lighting, making it a compact all-in-one reading area.

Seated inside bookworm shelf


Bookworm shelf detail


Thin layers of MDF and plywood are curved across custom-made molds to create the swooping shape. The bookcase chair is self-supporting, kept upright by a stainless steel foot extending from one wall. The outside walls are spray-painted in bright colors, while the insides are white.

A cat in the bookworm shelf

This comforting, cave-like combination of seating and book storage is not entirely unique. Similar designs have included ergonomic padded lounge areas built into conventional-looking bookshelves, and benches with bookshelf supports.

“Bookworm is a single piece of furniture that combines a chair and bookshelf in one. The shelf is curved into a cocoon for avid readers. The lower half of the curve can be used as a reading chair. From the top of the bookshelf a simple light bulb hangs to provide the reader with a direct, overhead light source.”

Bookworm shelf detail photo

“With Bookworm, you can literally surround yourself with your favourite books. Besides the merging of two functional objects, Bookworm’s curvy lines and bold colour schemes make it a unique gem for any space.”

“Bookworm is designed, developed and sold by Atelier 010. This Dutch design and production studio for architecture and furniture was founded by Anne Harmsen & Paul Schrijen in 2009. The studio creates projects in close collaboration with their clients. By investigating their lives and habits Atelier 010 cultivates their unique characteristics into bespoke homes and furniture.”