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It is not so difficult, in most cases, to simply repot a plant – tilt the pot, knock the dirt (gently) loose, remove and replant. Still, when it comes to a fragile orchid, a prickly cactus or hand-sculpted bonsai some of us who are all thumbs (and not the green kind) could use a hand.

The Re_Flowerpot by Hyunjun Kim may not be for all plants or (re)potters, but could come in handy and, if not, works like an ordinary pot in disguise as well. There may be structural issues yet to be solved in the locking mechanism (could growing roots burst it apart, for instance?), but the idea seems sound.

Particularly when root systems make their way down and out the bottom, tilting and pulling can be a tough – the hole in this case is strategically located in the center, breaking open when the two halves are separated. Clay and terra cotta are, unfortunately, probably out of the question – some kind of plastic or other non-brittle synthetic would be required to make it work.