rail storage system
Shaker peg racks are brilliant rails that attach to walls in a home, allowing residents to hang things up in multiple locations. This product, the Ordnungshaber storage system designed by Swiss designer Christoph Goechnahts, is a modern version of the Shaker system.
wall rail storage system
Goechnahts’ design is a thin rail that can be installed in just part of the home or all around the walls in many rooms. The rails have notches at regular intervals, into which wedge-shaped pegs fit nicely. The pegs can hold a coat, backpack, umbrella or whatever other clutter you need to get up and off of the floor.
d3 award winning wall rail storage system

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The notches can also hold shelves of various sizes, making it a flexible storage option for any part of the house. The intriguing design took first place at the 2014 [D3] contest for young designers