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As this incredible warehouse conversion illustrates, the true art of remodeling old industrial or otherwise decaying urban buildings into new houses lies not in what you renovate away but what historical design elements you choose to leave in place.
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From rusted steel beams to paint-chipped bricks, there is a sense of age built into the structure and walls of this now-modernized combined residence and architectural design office for bldgs in Atlanta, Georgia. The idea behind the intervention was to add minimalist white surfaces and essential furniture where needed while leaving most of the plan free and open.
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The project was less about how to remodel what was there and more about introducing a new architectural layer and language, weaving it in with what was left on the property. Bathroom, bedroom and living room naturally had to be added but each were done with the lightest design touch possible. Ideas and concepts aside: the mix of old and new is wonderfully rich and excellently executed inside and out, and built in a city where many more such spaces are available to those with the determination to turn them into livable places.