Magazin product design

Sick of losing your spot when you stop reading halfway through an article? Hate to leave magazines simply strewn about the coffee table? This two-in-one storage solution is a minimalist solution for saving the page and stacking your light reading material.

Steel magazine holder

The angled roof provides a way to make the page without bending or creasing the magazine, while also making it the most accessible of the bunch (sitting on top) for when you want to pick back up where you left off.

Magazin in three colors

The interior area works as a way to keep magazines roughly straight, while still allowing you to grab out another from the pile out either the front or the back. For a single sheet of wrapped metal painted in a solid modern color (black, red or white), this little design idea from Rudolph Schelling Webermann, aka DING3000, goes a long way.

“Everything under one roof.‎ Lifestyle for the readers.‎ Practical and ornamental.‎ MAGAZIN is a timeless and beautiful magazine stand in shape of a house.‎ When disturbed while reading, just lay the open magazine on the roof of the house, and you can easily pick it up again to carry on reading, without losing the page.‎ Meanwhile your other favorite magazines can be stored under the roof.‎  Color: white, black, red, pastel turquoise, squirrel grey or beige red. Material: Steel sheet powder coated.”

Magazin on a shelf

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