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This may look silly to our future selfs… or perhaps it does already to some people of the present. It can be fun to look at past visions of the future, but few predict the eventual offshoots of present trends. Something about the offbeat and artistic forms looks a lot like the inside sets of early blockbuster science fiction films.

On the one hand, innovative technologies and new materials tend to come like black swans and upset styles in unpredictable ways. Then, on the other hand, things swing back in ways no one would imagine (who knew hoop earrings would be back so soon?).

Take this bedroom interior for instance. It is appealing in the same way abstract art is – on an instinctive and visual level – but when you break down the details, does it make any sense? Why the colorful surfaces and vertigo-inducing sculptural distortions?

Perhaps the add angles will be easier to build with futuristic 3D printing and ever-cheaper laser-cutting technologies, while robotics specialists evolve nano-maids to dust the odd-shaped surfaces. Then again, if we end up growing our own homes, things look look entirely more organic. Whatever the end result, it is safe to bet that there is no sure bet.