bed in a bag 1
No guest room? No problem, even if you don’t have a comfortable couch. A single overnight guest gets a cozy place to rest her head, plus a little privacy, with this inflatable item that’s half bed, half tent. The Ca.Mia by Denis Santachiara takes mere seconds to deploy from a compact black tote bag to a sturdy, generously sized pop-up bed shaped like a tiny house.
pop up bed 4 ca mia
It’s so small when packed up, you could slide it under your bed, stick it in a closet, or bring it along on your travels to ensure that you’ll have a private place to sleep no matter where you might end up staying the night. In fact, it might make it even easier to score free places to stay while on the road, since all you need is a section of somebody’s living room, and you won’t have to worry about early risers catching you drooling on their couch.
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In fact – though it doesn’t specify that it’s designed for this specific use – you could probably use it while camping, too. The breathable mesh roof will likely keep insects away, and the surface is bound to be softer than thin camping pads. It’s available via Italian furniture store Campeggi.