No, the other kind of plumbing fixtures – you know: lights, coat racks and the like.?Faucets, sinks, toilets and showers are usually all we see of our household plumbing – end caps to an incredible network of hidden tubes and joints that supply us with water every day (and then drain it away again).

Made to bend, twist and yet stand the test of time, plumbing pipes and fittings are just begging to be made into other kinds of furnishings and fixtures (less utilitarian than those in your bathroom and kitchen walls).

Steel, copper or brass, these can be crafted to have various engaging results as long as you are comfortable with a slight touch of Steampunk-style industrial design around the home.?Sure, companies like DEMO will sell you pre-designed versions and you can find free plans for PVC pipe furniture in various places, but part of the fun is in the building process – which is also where some of the best ideas can come to you as well.

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Shelves, stools, lamps and hallways stands are just some of the neat objects that can be made my screwing a few steel joints together. Best of all, whether you opt for metal or plastic, you are sure to find a local hardware shop with an ample supply of parts and pieces of all sizes – they may even let you test out some small-scale do-it-yourself furniture objects right on the store floor. (Designs via DEMO & HomeQN)