pin pres wooden

Kids can make a big impression in their bedrooms – literally – with PinPres, a combination toy and shelf with wooden rods that slide in and out. Mimicking pin-press needle impression toys, the shelving unit makes it fun and easy for kids to clean up their rooms. Toys can simply be pushed into the surface, and the shelf will adapt to their form.

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This fun storage solution is interactive, artistic and addictive. Wouldn’t you, as a parent, be tempted to play with it all the time, pushing new objects in to see what they look like?

pin pres back shapes
pin pres toys

Handmade in Spain from locally sourced wood, PinPres is available in natural or colored wood finishes. In addition to the full-sized shelf, which stands 40 inches in height, it comes in a half-sized wall-mounted version.

“Hello, my name is PinPres. I will play with you and help you keep your things tidy. I am lovingly handmade in Spain from the finest locally sourced wood. I come in two sizes, natural wood or color painted: lipstick red, sunny yellow, true blue, passion purple.”

pin pres red
pin press fun storage

Creative and practical, this shelf by OOO My Design might actually encourage kids to voluntarily keep their toys tidy.

About the designers:

“OOO My Design is a self-production design studio based in Madrid born in 2009. With a fervent passion for mathematics and games, they create pieces that seek to convey surprise and joy, wrapped in a vision of unique furniture made to resist over time. Her work moves through different means of expression, using art as a means of communication and design to rethink the world in which we live and to reflect on the objects and attitudes that are part of everyday life.”

pin pres detail

“The studio has received several awards, among them, Design Talents from the Banco Santander Foundation, Proposals from the Art and Law Foundation, CETEM furniture design, the first prize in the international contest ‘Art on Chairs’ of the Paredes Center for Furniture Design and ‘YourTube Awards’ in Germany.”