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Here’s an idea so brilliantly simple, you’ll wonder why IKEA isn’t already selling it in five different colors. ‘Scolapianta’ by Mathery design studio is a wooden dish rack with just two legs so it can be propped on top of a planter. Then, when you wash your dishes and put them up to dry, the water drains right into the pots.

Plant Watering Dish Rack 2

Plant Watering Dish Rack 3

If you’ve got a sunny kitchen window and you wash your dishes by hand, it almost seems silly not to have a dish rack like this. You could select plants according to the frequency of your dish washing – herbs or succulents that require very little water if you don’t use a rack too often, or swamp-loving plants if you do multiple sink loads per day.

Plant Watering Dish Rack 4

It’s just the smallest tweak from a typical dish rack, yet it has a big impact on functionality. A similar concept in an all-in-one kitchen design hangs the dishes vertically above rectangular planters to achieve a similar effect.