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Most of us have grand plans for packing a healthy, interesting, delicious lunch each day, yet only a virtuous few actually carry through on those intentions.

Prepd is trying to change that by making it so easy to plan, pack, and track what we’ll eat for lunch that it’s a no-brainer.

The design team stresses that the Prepd Pack can save its owner money over the long run, too, since it cuts out sandwich bags and other discarded packaging. “We don’t just talk the talk, we’re serious about sustainability,” they say. “In an effort to tackle climate change, we’ve chosen to manufacture the Prepd Pack from high-quality recycled and eco-friendly materials.”

And of course it’s a lot cheaper to take lunch than run out and grab an oversized, overpriced sandwich downtown. Added bonus: You control your own serving size, too.

The company has a two-pronged attack to get us into line. First, it makes a sleek lunch case that shows you take your food seriously. When you open it up, the lid goes flat, making a clean mini-table surface — great when you’re traveling or eating at outside tables that may be a bit grubby.

Prepd meal plans

Inside are snugly fitting compartments so you can stash different elements, dry or wet, and they are interchangeable and leak-proof.

That, of course, means you can take chopped veggies and a healthy dip to go with them, as well as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a grilled chicken wrap. We’re thinking a section filled with yogurt and some apple slices for scooping it up would be perfect.

Prefer to munch leftovers for lunch? The clear plastic containers in the Prepd Pack are BPA-free and food-grade safe, so you can reheat food in them without worry, the company says.

And we love the handy magnetic knife, fork and spoon set that clips inside.

Prepd app on a tablet

The second prong of Prepd’s attack is a nifty app to help people plan ahead and make healthy, nutritious lunch choices. The company picked the brains of professional chefs and nutritionists to develop a slew of recipes for all types of food preferences, dietary plans and health goals, so lunch-worthy ideas are ready and waiting for you.

The recipes are designed to make the right amount of food for the Prepd containers, which is in line with the company’s aim to reduce food waste.

By using the recipes in the app, you can access the nutritional information for the meal, as well as tracking your calorie intake and more.

The Prepd app offers meal plans as well, so lunch will keep delivering surprises. No more same old, same old. The plans are also designed to speed up lunch prep to save time–you can make them ahead and have lunches ready to pop into your Prepd case each morning.

“Developed by experienced meal preppers, these original plans are delicious and ingeniously diverse, making your everyday meals exciting and uniquely different,” say the folks at Prepd.

The designers offer a few accessories for the system. These include an insulating sleeve to keep lunch chilly, and Cool Sticks, which you can freeze and then stow in the Prepd Pack. You can buy extra containers so you can fill up a couple of lunch sets at a time, too.