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If you’re a pet owner, chances are you have a little shadow that follows you from room to room, constantly gazing up at you, always wanting to be wherever you are. Whether it’s because we offer warmth and cuddles or because they’re simply loyal, our furry companions can be quite insistent on sitting with us at all times, but we don’t always want them to be on our laps or get fur all over the couch cushions.

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Design firm Deesawat offers a solution that lets humans have their own space without making pets feel totally left out. ‘Pet’ is an  indoor/outdoor seating area with two seats for people and a cute little pet bed hidden beneath a table. The movable pet unit can be placed at either end of the couch, or in between the two cushions.

pet bed 5 pet bed 4

The perfect size for cats or small dogs, this little teakwood bed features a circular opening so they can gaze out at the world outside, while humans have a convenient place to set their books, phones and drinks. Just like the pictures show, it seems likely that all but the most well-trained pets would rather be on the cushions with their human friends, but it could be a cute option for crate-trained animals that feel cozy and safe in enclosed spaces.