patch project joint kit

Red cross and bandage-shaped joints in various angles bring together sticks and planks of wood for creative DIY furniture with virtually no limitations. The ‘Patch Project’ furniture joint kit by Polish studio Beza Projekt could be used to make anything from a simple side table to a complex and sculptural work space.

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Patch Project joint kit fun furniture

The studio demonstrates the concept by building a desk inspired by a pirate ship, complete with a mast and flag. The joints are meant to be seen, standing out in sharp contrast against painted or unfinished wood.

Patch Project joint kit set

The designers at Beza Projekt suggest throwing symmetry out the window, simply because you can. The joints are available in seven different angles for a wide range of configurations. “Chaos is incorporated into their design, so you can spontaneously form constructions where the technical component is also a decorative one.”

Patch Project joint kit

“The angels in the form of patches are a response to a need for self-constructions, DIY. Usually these details are considered extremely technical, we suggest that they are the most important element of the furniture and construction. By material, finish, shape and color they interact and define the character of the furniture.”

Beza Projekt dream nation

Beza used a similar concept of joints for its Dream Nation Pop-Up Stand, a series of plastic connectors shaped for use with bamboo.

About Beza Projekt

“Beza Projekt straddles the threshold separating the world of functional objects from the world of conceptual artefacts. And there, in that intermediate terrain, the studio creates products and small architectural projects which are characterized by simplicity and wit.”

Patch Project joint kit furniture DIY

“Beza Projekt’s work explores the idea of creating one’s own space and encourages user participation. One of their stand-out creations, a conceptual piece entitled Space Separator, is a witty response to the problem of the division of space. By juggling elements of design and art photography, Beza created a transparent cube constructed from colourful rods. The cube can be placed in any space, be it to separate oneself from something unwanted or disliked, or to protect something precious.”

“With its award-winning Prism project, Beza Projekt offered another take on the idea of creating and dividing surroundings. This space divider is a light wooden construction with a transparent banner sheet stretched over it, which allows for both the penetration of light and a sense of privacy.”

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