When you’ve found a home that is almost perfect but a little short on space, you have a few options. You could move (which is fraught with irritation), build an addition (which is even more so), or use your existing space a little more creatively. This last option is what the Cardok Double does for space-challenged but financially well-off homeowners.

The hydraulic car lift allows you to move your car(s) out of the garage and into the space beneath your driveway, carport, patio, or whatever outdoor space is available. The Cardok Double accommodates two cars in the same amount of space you would normally need for one – but the second is securely hidden underground.

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With a remote control to lift and lower the movable parking space, the hidden car is easy to stash and retrieve. Of course, luxury and convenience like this don’t come cheap. However, if you’ve got the money to spend, the Cardok seems like a pretty great way to claim your garage space as part of your home’s living area without sacrificing a nice, safe home for your cars.