high fashion painful shoes
It looks great, in a way – an elemental wire-frame woman’s shoe form, minimalist fashion brought to life in a simple, bare, elegant, modern and entirely uncomfortable high-heeled shoe design. Just imagine the pressure put by even the slimmest of ladies with every step on these few cold, thin metal supports. Ouch!
high shoe fashion design
Not much better, these high heels also from the Virtual Shoe Museum take the idea of open-toe design to the extreme. This style seems to have all of the downsides of tall shoe or boot fashions and none of the upsides afforded by them in terms of foot protection.
high heel womens shoe fashion

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Fashion masochists looking for even more painful designs might find something in this mix that fits their tastes, be it the lockable bondage shoes, medieval-style torture-device heels, spike-and-strap stilettos or the folded-square slippers. Sexy, strange or perfect for a dress-up night out on the city? You decide.