Ever since Fight Club, IKEA has taken on a kind of double meaning. For those who missed the movie: the brand represents convenient and cheap goods on the one hand, but mundane routine with tragic undertones on the other. This five-minute short film exposes the latter aspect with dark humor:

Behind the idyllic scenes (and prices) lies a mystery. “Advertisements usually display unruffled domestic happiness. But, as we will see in Page 23, this world looks too good to be true. Behind the beaming smile of fashion models loom adultery and the stifling daily routine.”

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“PAGE 23 is the first shortfilm that the young creatives Jeroen Houben, Tim Arts and Stefan van den Boogaard made together. Their first effort immediately resulted in the jury prize and audience award at the 48 Hour Film Project in Utrecht (Netherlands), and nominations in other categories.” Quotes via Pagina 23.