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Like it or not, the bathroom is often one of the most neglected areas of any home. It isn’t because bathrooms are particularly unloved, but rather it is due to the lack of utterly breathtaking bathroom fixtures. These luggage-inspired bathroom pieces could easily change that.

These stunning bathroom furniture pieces are the work of Spanish design firm Coleccion Alexandra. Their Bathroom Collection pieces turn up their (figurative) noses at conventional washroom design, opting instead for clean modern lines, luxurious leather accents and rich wood grains.

You’ll find no flowery carvings or soft, flowing curves in Coleccion Alexandra’s bathroom furniture. These boxy pieces call to mind the steamer trunks of years gone by – or perhaps the ever-present cases that follow bands from one venue to the next.

The effect of putting these crisp, clean box shapes into a washroom is a startling one. Pair them with fluffy linens and you’ve got one of the most visually arresting juxtapositions you are ever likely to see in a bathroom.

Ultimately, the result is a very masculine-looking room. This effect can be easily softened with a curvy clawfoot tub and large round mirrors. Or, perhaps, install rectangular mirrors with dark frames to play up the manly look.

However these pieces would fit into your specific home, there is no denying that they are elegant, gorgeous bathroom elements that are poised to remind you of all of your world travels every time you see them.