For obvious reasons, Mother’s Day 2020 will likely differ from any past celebrations of the holiday. With stay-at-home orders still in effect across much of the country and all public gatherings canceled, taking mom to the typical brunch and movie isn’t exactly an option. However, gift giving is still en vogue, and there are lots of opportunities to give your mom a memorable little decor piece that’s sure to remind her of your love for years to come.

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In particular, these trinkets melt our hearts:


Images of family vacations and special events are always personal to mom. Hit up an online retailer and turn that one-of-a-kind photo into wall canvas art, or create a year of memories with a calendar you can frame to match her home’s color scheme. You can even get images printed onto wood surfaces or glassware.

Blankets and Pillows

If mom enjoys snuggling up to movies or staying cozy while working on crossword puzzles, a blanket makes the perfect gift. It may seem corny, but wearable sherpa blankets like The Comfy are incredibly soft — and she can keep it on while making a cup of coffee! It comes in many colors, too, so it can drape over the couch as an accent without anyone even knowing it’s not an actual blanket. For both function and decor, however, you may want to put together a memory quilt made from t-shirts like these from Project Repat, or even from old photos printed onto fabric. Mom will be proud to display her special quilt to her guests each and every time they visit.

Proud mom shows off her memory quilt for the camera.

This gardening-themed throw pillow would be perfect for any green thumb moms out there.

Sweet, simple throw pillows like this one are sure to melt mom's heart.

Throw pillows are another excellent decor piece that can speak volumes about your mother. Choose a flower covering for the gardening mom, like this selection from Society6, a witty remark for the jokester, or statement of love like this simple piece from Wayfair.

Cocktail Supplies

This fun

Whether mom savors a nightly glass of wine or loves to entertain, specialty cocktail supplies are always fun way to celebrate the ‘spirit’ of the holiday. From a unique Whiskey Wedge glass that pre-freezes ice in the glass to funny Social Distancing Wine Glasses on Etsy, salute your mom with glassware she’ll love. Plus, beautiful glassware, trays, and bar sets also make wonderful decor pieces that’ll make her home pop.


This colorful wind spinner from Plow & Hearth is sure to light up mom's garden area.

Rustic metal lawn art available online through Etsy.

Mothers take on a host of responsibilities, often including feeding the family and making sure that everyone else is healthy. Along the way, that often leads to a passion for gardening, whether that means growing full-blown crops or pretty, colorful flowers. If gardening is a part of your mom’s joy, feed her interest with outdoor decor she can take pleasure in looking at while she sips that glass of wine. Go with this colorful wind spinner from Plow & Hearth, or gift this rustic lawn art available on Etsy. Of course, there are always the lawn gnomes, like this Biggin’ Gnome Big Mouth Cast Resin Statue Planter that brings a perpetual smile to the garden space. If your mom is more of a zen type, go with a Buddha statuary or this Elephant Garden Sculpture for a touch of peaceful contemplation she probably didn’t have much time for while raising kids.

Biggin' Gnome Big Mouth Cast Resin Statue Planter

Get mom this meditating elephant statue to fill her gardening time with calm and serenity.

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, giving mom the gift of decor is sure to place memories of you and your thoughtfulness front and center for her to enjoy from the couch or the garden bench. Happy Mother’s Day!