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A neat series of experiments, these wood-and-ceramic dining sets combine modern subtleties with traditional Far-East styles. More streamlined serving trays sit under slightly-skewed works of distorted white dinnerware, from bend-lipped cups to paper-like folded bowls and plates.

Wark Marren presents them without much description, but much can be inferred from their appearance – good design tends to speak for itself, while cultural referents like rough-cut chopsticks help fill in any blanks.

Each unique combination feels hand-crafted, traditional and homey, but is also minimalist, functional and portable. The platter portions are made of various well-loved hardwoods, including mahogany, cherry, walnut and white oak. Whether the subtle pastel blues, pinks and greens filling in the chopstick-holing spaces work with the rest remains in the eye of the beholder (or buyer).