Traditional and modern meet in this origami-style house in the Mie Prefecture of Japan. Covered by a massive overhanging roof that envelopes the entire home, the structure is beautifully streamlined but brings to mind the ancient art of origami. Designed by TSC Architects, the home blends nicely with surrounding homes but displays a personality all its own.

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Origami style house by TSC Architects side view
Origami-style house by TSC Architects unusual roof

The roof, as plenty of roofs do, begins with a point at the top of the house. It continues on a steep pitch all the way down to the ground, giving the impression of the sky meeting the earth. It resembles a piece of paper folded origami-style to cover the entire home. This covering protects the home from inclement weather.

Origami style house by TSC Architects under roof

The steeply pitched roof overhangs the front porch, allowing the residents to sit outside even in poor weather to watch the world and enjoy their unique home.

Origami style house by TSC Architects living room

The home’s interior offers a double-height living area that presents a fantastic airy feeling. The home relies on the winds from the nearby mountains for natural ventilation, and the enormous glass facade brings in loads of natural light.

Origami style house by TSC Architects kitchen

The top level of the house, with its steeply angled ceilings, looks out over the ground floor and still allows the residents to enjoy the view from the enormous glass facade. One bedroom and one room with a tatami mat-covered floor allow just enough space for the young couple who occupy the unique dwelling.

Origami style house by TSC Architects entrance

From the architects: “Site is located in the old village surrounded by mountain, Mie Prefecture Japan. There is a stone wall made with a round stone around this area from old days a lot. There was the stone wall which a grandfather made in the plan place. What was needed when young husband and wife returned to this ground and began a new life was the residence which matched the present-day life, though the memory of the area and the climate was inherited.”

Origami style house by TSC Architects in landscape

“Therefore I decided to leave the stone wall of the site and, on the foundation stone, hung the roof which I folded like origami and thought about the earth and the form of the house where I could live all in one body. The roof of the triangle of the sharp slope of the form that I matched both palms of the hand with seeing from the front is good at all with the scenery of the back mountain and is familiar.”