Fakro balcony window pop out

Attic or loft living can be great for a lot of reasons, but it can also come with a unique set of problems. The most significant of these is the quality of air to be found in the top level of a building. Even with air conditioning or open windows, the orientation of the living space on the top floor of the building leads to hot, stuffy air.

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The balcony windows from Fakro are a perfect way to solve this problem. They are designed for installation in attics with pitched roofs to add a bit of outdoor space and much-needed air flow to the upstairs rooms.

Fakro balcony window side view multifamily

When closed, the windows look like any other skylight windows. They open in two pieces: the top sash lifts up and the bottom sash moves up and outward, creating a kind of enclosure. The bottom sash conceals a hidden safety rail that pops into place when the windows are fully opened, making the balcony feel safe.

The windows, when fully opened, add a sense of space to an upstairs domicile. Although they do not create a space for one to walk on and place flowerpots or other outdoor decorations, they do provide a small space for residents to stand, breathe in the outdoors and feel close to nature.

Fakro balcony window
Fakro balcony window attic

From Fakro:

“Balcony windows are an innovative large roof window with an additional window opening up into a balcony. The bottom sash can be pushed open to create the balcony and it has side safety barriers built in. Once closed the side rails are hidden inside the window and are not visible above the roof surface.”

Fakro balcony window instant

“An innovative, large roof window that opens into a balcony. The upper sash opens upwards while the lower sash opens forward to create a balcony bay. The window stays open anywhere along the 0 ​​to 45​ ​​​degree opening range. The window is operated by the handle located at the bottom of the upper sash which has a two-point locking mechanism.”

“Automatic air inlet V40P adjusts the air pressure in the room to compliment the air pressure outdoors for maximum performance and stability. Both the upper and lower sash are equipped with​ ​laminated​ glazing unit P2.”