foodie olive oil roller

Olive oil is one of those condiments that no kitchen should be without, but getting it where you want it – and in the quantity desired – is no simple task. Croatian design group Oaza have introduced the Oil-On dispenser, a kitchen tool that lets you apply just enough olive oil, just where you want it.

olive oil roll-on dispenser

The actual device is kind of a no-brainer: it’s a small glass jar with a cork topper, a small wooden ball sitting in the middle of the topper. To apply the oil to bread, meat or whatever else you wish, you turn the jar upside-down and roll the oil on. It works just like a roll-on deodorant bottle, albeit with much tastier contents.

roll on dispenser for olive oil

The simple materials and intuitive usage would make this a must-have for any serious cook’s kitchen. While it is not yet available for purchase, Oaza has plans to manufacture and sell the Oil-On at some point in the future.