Imagine: you are heading to work, the daily grind, trudging along with coffee in hand and suitcase by your side, but when the elevator arrives to pick you up the doors open to a homey, highly decorated and furnished living room with an only semi-surprised resident inside.

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Starting early one morning (and staying until late that night), an industrious Dutch art student named Elke transformed a simple small elevator space into the epitome of a cozy apartment – complete with table, coffee maker, lights, books, shoes, slippers, shelves, hangers, a clock, mirror and the makings of a series of meals (as well as a phone to place an order for pizza delivery in the evening).

In order to document the process, the artist had photographs taken from roughly the same vantage point at different periods thought the day to catalog her activities and positions (after the initial installation of the art/design). As you can see, she shifted from eating to relaxing, reading, working and other engagements as the day progressed.

All in all, the project caused quite a stir. Various local media sources interviewed her during and after the process and many stopped by for a quick photo opportunity as well.