Stress relief becomes a hotter topic with every passing day, affecting everyone from millennials to baby boomers. Technology is often blamed for being the cause of this problem, so it’s only fitting that technology now seems poised to solve it.

NuCalm, a system developed by Solace Lifesciences, Inc., was one of the big stars at this year’s CES, one of the most stimulating and highly attended electronic product exhibitions in the world. Dornob was on the scene and had the opportunity to learn more about this groundbreaking technology directly from NuCalm representatives.

NuCalm NuCalm

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How NuCalm Is Unique

People have used hundreds of stress-relieving tactics over the years, ranging from home remedies like herbal tea to things like yoga and prescription drugs. Unfortunately, none of them has provided satisfactory long-term results until now. NuCalm solves the problem quickly — without drugs and without disappointment.


The company’s patented three-pronged system soothes the body and mind within a matter of minutes, incorporating biochemistry, physics, and neurophysiology to swiftly and unfailingly generate profound relaxation. This trifecta helps people feel better, improve their mental and physical performance, and just live better lives.

How It Works

NuCalm’s revolutionary program consists of four key components, all of which work in perfect harmony to relieve stress.

Step 1: Brain Relaxation

The first step in the NuCalm regimen is to calm the brain down and make it more amenable to total relaxation. This requires you to either chew on a dietary supplement or apply a topical cream on yourself, both of which have been specifically formulated to neutralize adrenaline and give your brain the nutrients and all-natural amino acids it needs to feel at ease.


Step 2: Microcurrent Stimulus

Once the brain is relaxed, the system invokes a sub-sensory microcurrent to activate the power of the NuCalm supplement. When the microcurrent and supplement work in unison, they suspend the natural stress response rooted in the midbrain. Don’t worry, though — you won’t feel a thing as your brain reestablishes its most beneficial neurotransmitter levels.


Step 3: Software Introduction

The third step hinges on some world-renowned neuroacoustic software (invented and owned by NuCalm). The app alternates brain wave function between deep relaxation and recovery, utilizing physics that quickly guide the brain to calming alpha and theta zones. The Neuroacoustic Software Library in the NuCalm app allows users to choose from a collection of soundtracks to initiate and accompany the process. Selections include assorted types of music and nature sounds, all of which have specific therapeutic neuroacoustic rhythms built into them. The app also stores data on usage, allowing you to easily track the process and its effect on your daily performance.

Step 4: Eye Mask

Light generally interferes with tranquility, so NuCalm’s eye masks block out intrusive visual stimuli to help sustain the deepest state of relaxation possible.

The result of these four elements is a fully enveloping experience that eliminates tension and apprehension to help you attain a profound level of calm. If you’ve attempted to ease your stress before with little success, trying the NuCalm system may allow you to finally feel the tranquility you so sincerely desire and deserve.