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Amid myriad and ever-more-realistic mainstream movies driven by CGI, and impossible-to-tell Photoshops of famous figures, there is a refreshing low-tech banality to photographs.

This series of images was created by Spanish artist and photographer Rafa Zubiría – they beautifully blurry, and almost mundane (were it not for the impossible way the structures hover in the sky), featuring generic housing blocks and nondescript townhomes.

Saturated colors, grainy resolution and mixed lighting make them almost like UFO photos, captured spontaneously as a building simply happens to drift overhead … maybe moving fast over city streets, or perhaps hovering in place over urban parks – it is hard to tell.

And then, finally, there are the inviting (and frightening) ones that are a little close for comfort, suspended a few feet above the ground with a ladder dropping down, or looming in a way not even the most scary haunted house could hope for.