What is the Nise Wave Personal Chef Device?

Nise Wave Personal Chef Device

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The Nise Wave is a revolutionary Wi-Fi-operated smart sous-vide machine that helps you make the most of your time by automating your cooking. Designed with all you busybodies in mind, this sous-vide allows you to make gourmet food at home with just the touch of a button, even when you’re out of the house! The high-tech chef device can transform your pan of water into a smoldering, smoking cauldron of culinary magic, using smart algorithms that allow the user to schedule cooking times and making the Nise Wave the first in its field to incorporate this “set and forget it” technology.

How Does It Work?

Nise Wave Personal Chef Device
The Nise Wave’s accompanying mobile app has hundreds of recipes already built into it, including chicken dishes, steak, vegan soups, drinks, and desserts — all of which include instructions for your preparation and directions for the sous-vide to follow. CEO Rayner Mendes explains that the company goes by the motto “it’s what you want when you want,” representative of the care-free-yet-efficient lifestyle that the Nise Wave offers. “In the past, incredible cooking has required a big time commitment, that’s the beauty of our app…by allowing busy people to start meals up to eight hours before they plan to eat them, they can arrive home to delicious food.”
All you have to do is prep the food and add it to a pan of water. From there, you just use the app to inform the Nise Wave of when you want the meal ready by. That means that you can have poached eggs ready for breakfast in the morning or a tasty salmon fillet waiting for you after your evening workout. If you want to really treat those taste buds, have the Nise Wave whip up a fruity cheesecake for dessert!
Nise Wave Personal Chef Device - Specs
The Nise Wave uses 1200 watts of power and boasts IP67 water resistance for effortless care. To top it off, all of these features have been compacted into a streamlined body for easy storage and mobility. The sous-vide is also ideal for the environmentally-conscious, as it only uses 20 percent of the power that a standard electric stove requires. The app even includes a “share” feature, which allows foodies and sous-vide enthusiasts to share their recipes and experiences with one another and create an engaged community of budding chefs!

Who’s Behind the Nise Wave?

Nise Wave Personal Chef Device - App
Nise Tech wanted to create a product that allowed busy people to enjoy the luxuries and indulgences of restaurant-quality cooking. On top of this, the company wanted to give those who lacked the culinary skills and abilities to produce high-standard meals on their own the chance to fulfill their wildest cooking dreams.

Where Can I Buy One?

Nise Wave Personal Chef Device
The Nise Wave device is currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter and offering a staggering 40 percent discount to its “early bird” backers. By contrast, other Wi-Fi enabled home devices tend to start at around $199. The product is shipped with ready-to-make meal packages, which include scannable barcodes that the device can read and pre-program, reducing your overall prep time.