bedroom loft space idea
Loft bed designs are great saving space furniture for small condos, apartments and dorms, but they are not exactly the most elegant solution to a lack of room in your living or bedroom. What could be a better addition to your bedroom than a nice and convenient fold-out wall bed, except perhaps two of them? Designed in style for kids or for guests, these space-saving beds get twice the mileage out of the hidden wall spaces they occupy – creating mini-lofts in places where there is no room for extra furniture.
fold out bunk bed
fold out bunk beds
Some versions of the so-called Lollipop Bed from BonBon bedroom furniture designers some fold down side-by-side other options fold out on top of one another, complete with a ladder to reach the upper lofted bed and a convenient security rail alongside it.
fold down double wall beds
fold down wall beds
Options on these models include fold-up headboards for extra support and even an attached fold-out desk that sits in nicely front of (and folds under) the lower of the two bunks.
fold out hidden wall beds
fold out transforming beds

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Whether you need the extra space for growing children or simply want to make the most out of limited square footage, these hideaway beds are ideal for regular use or as part of a living room layout, for use by the occasional visiting friend or family member. These great interior design alternatives including pull-out, fold-down and other hideaway sofa and wall beds that take up less square footage and blend more seamlessly into their surroundings.