Significant design changes have been sweeping the hospitality industry lately. More specifically, an increasing number of hoteliers and restaurateurs are specifying that their bars, cafés, restaurants, and hotels be designed so that they will be widely and easily Instagrammed.
The power of social media to influence consumer opinion can no longer be denied, and hospitality spaces are now competing to be the hottest place to post on one’s Instagram. One newly renovated hotel in Hawaii (a place that is itself infinitely Instagrammable) has even put Insta-friendly design at the forefront of its concept, using vibrant, fun, and photogenic elements to create a space that’s sure to look great on anyone’s feed or story.
Shoreline Hotel Waikiki
The new and improved Shoreline Hotel Waikiki was completed by American creative and design firm BHDM. Located near the famous Waikiki Beach, the the hotel’s bold and playful interiors are all inspired by the fun exoticism of Hawaii. Drawing on the vivid colors of the local flora, fauna, blue skies, and idyllic beaches, BHDM have created a hotel that is heavily geared towards the elusive millennial market. It is awash with blocks of color that both contrast and complement one another, as seen in its bright blue and yellow sofas, chairs, and couches, which themselves have been accented with red cushions and set against a deep fuschia carpet.
From the outset of the project, the clients knew that they wanted the Shoreline to become “the most Instagrammable hotel in Hawaii,” and based on its new appearance, it certainly seems like the architects have delivered. The social media platform’s influence over interior design as a whole is now almost commonplace, and if a structure’s entire layout isn’t executed to appeal to the snap-happy grammer, then there will still probably be at least one feature area in it that’s been designed with selfies in mind.
Shoreline Hotel Waikiki Shoreline Hotel Waikiki
The hotel’s interior aesthetic blends contemporary elements with frivolous retro kitsch — a combination that almost perfectly sums up the idea of Hawaii. Furnishings such as large white pineapples sit alongside marble-esque countertops that recall Memphis Milano, while large neon signs in bright pink spell out “aloha” behind the reception desk.
The studio says of the project: “Bringing to life the dramatic landscape and sunsets of Hawaii with a contemporary twist, BHDM’s design for Shoreline incorporates the colors and textures found in the nature and wildlife of Hawaii and filters them through a neon lens.”
Shoreline Hotel Waikiki
In the common areas, such as the corridors, staircases, and outdoor pool area, there are colorful murals depicting large flowers and plants, every one of them a vibrant shade of pink, purple, or green. The poolside mural was done by American artist DJ Neff and perfectly embodies the fun-loving and free-spirited nature of the hotel.
Shoreline Hotel Waikiki

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The Shoreline’s website summarizes the average guest experience as such: “Let’s frame the shot. You, chill, as live beats set the perfect mood. Inspiration is everywhere you look. Murals and sun hats on the walls. Curated retail carts and gratis pours of local libations. Our white jungle wall art lights up, while leaf installations slow dance in the shadows. And all against a backdrop of killer Waikiki views. Welcome to life at the Shore.”