dune house

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Among the sand dunes in Northern Holland, an unusual building peeks its top out from the surrounding trees. The Dune House belongs to Jetty and Maarten Min, owners of architecture firm Min2. They designed this as their ultimate living and working space amidst a beautiful landscape.

dune house side windows

The Dune House mixes components of traditional Dutch architecture with a more modern aesthetic, with quite interesting results. The exterior of the building was designed to blend in with the surroundings.

bespoke clay tiles netherlands

Tiles made specifically for this project cover three sides of the home’s exterior. They are made of British clay, with a color and texture to match the surrounding fir trees.

nature inspired dune house min2

The fourth side of the home is a breathtaking three-story wall of windows, providing the residents with full views of the dunes and the sea.

dune house bathroom

According to the couple, their goal was always to make their living areas in the top of the home to allow for the best views. The ground floor is the designated work area, with a conference room, large workspace, and library.

top floor dune house

boxy stairs natural dune house netherlands

One level up, the couple’s living, dining and kitchen areas take up the large open space. The huge volume is sectioned by Douglas fir columns against the walls and arched ceiling joists above.

dune house mezzanine

upstairs bedroom

The couple’s bedroom is at the very top of the house, occupying a mezzanine which allows the couple their goal of having the very best views of the natural beauty outside.

dune house lit up

Although the home is quite close to a major road, it is nearly invisible to passers-by due to differing altitudes and the protection of the tall trees. But seeing the home with all of its three levels lit up against a twilight sky almost makes it a shame that more people can’t see it.