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You will not find these rough, rugged and raw interiors in any posh modern interior design magazines. Photographer by Andrew Moore captures these spaces without fancy dress or updated decoration; our simple, most private, as-is sleeping quarters in the nude – so to speak.

bedroom space natural

Dressers are left open, accessories are strewn about, furniture sets sit in their existing configuration and decorating is left alone for each image. Shot everywhere from Russia and Cuba to Bosnia and Vietnam, some of these are hardly recognizable as made-for-sleeping spaces.

bedroom space small

Chipped and faded wall, floor and ceiling surface paint shuffles slowly toward gray, black and white. Bent, broken and cracked furniture reveals raw wood underneath a finished veneer. The beauty in these pictures, in short, is tied to visual complexity that comes with natural age despite muted colors.

bedrooms designs photos

Sometimes he shoots a bedroom space directly, while in other cases he takes photos from across another room peaking in. Indirectly or otherwise, bedrooms are not his only subject, nor is photography his only approach to representing reality.

bedrooms vintage photography

Through contextual photographs of building exteriors, montages of house interiors and other mixed-media work he also creates a broader picture – but is arguably most compelling when he tackles the organic states of walls, ceilings, furniture, furnishings, fixtures right in the innermost heart of a home.