We all have mounds of stuff that needs to be contained, lest our homes become unnavigable pits of clothing, shoes, dishes, electronics, bedding and toys. Fixed shelving and drawer sets are helpful, but they aren’t always adaptable to our changing needs. One organization system called Opencase addresses that problem with attractive modular components that are easy to move and switch out whenever you like.

The system is based on wooden wall panels that support a variety of floating shelves, baskets, boxes, rails and rods. The panels can be sized to your specifications, to fit particular walls in your home, and they’re available in a range of wood finishes from pale ash to black walnut.

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Modular shelving system

The support rods are easy to change out, so you can expand various areas, like rails for hanging clothes, pantry bars or shelves. You can also add desk or bench surfaces, pot racks, wine racks and soft bags for laundry or children’s items.

Starting point configurations are available for room type, like office, pantry, wardrobe, utility and entry. But the interchangeable components make it easy to shift the whole system from one room to another.

Modular home storage

“Opencase combines the beauty and substance of architectural wall paneling – with flexible, specialized functionality. It creates a beautiful wall, and turns it into a flexible, functional surface. Opencase adds distinction to a space and enlivens a room, enabling you to adapt it to your changing needs – or whims. It brings elegant utility to a kitchen – a mudroom – an entry way – or a study. Any space in a home. A set of panels can be easily reconfigured.”

Modular home organization

“A single Opencase panel can easily be adapted to a wide range of uses.Starting point configurations have been developed for entryways, libraries, offices, wine storage, pantries, wardrobes, utility closets, laundry, and children’s rooms. The product includes a full suite of specialized components. Each component is handcrafted from the very best materials. The palette is broad, and includes steel, solid wood and leather fittings, as well as pieces sculpted from solid composite panels. A collection of proprietary soft goods adds warmth and texture and addresses storage needs such as laundry, recycling, and even includes small durable bags for storing tools. The panels are available in any size from 21-48″ wide and 18-96″ tall. Available panel materials include a wide range of FSC certified woods, high pressure laminate, and aluminum.”