cell bathroom silva

Portable bathrooms do not have a reputation for luxury – shower, scale and fan? Forget it. Until now, that is. Somewhere between a mobile and compact go-anywhere bare-bones restroom and a high-end built-in modern washroom design, these bathroom modules are intended to slot into small available spaces in houses, condos or apartments and attach themselves with minimal construction work.

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Like so many good designs, this idea by Fernando Silva has merit precisely because it is situated between extremes – no one wants a no-plumbing facility in their living space but likewise not everyone can or wishes to invest in a full interior remodel required to install an entire series of requisite bathroom fixtures. This middle-of-the-road solution saves space, time and cost all at once.

cell bathroom detail

It’s just a concept and not yet built, but it’s easy to see the utility of a self-contained bathroom like this. The ability to quickly add bathrooms could help us adapt buildings to new uses for better sustainability and adjusting to population growth.

“With the dynamics of homes increasingly evident, the bathroom, an environment with such a little variable structure, could be independent as a product. In the search for this object that subtly fit into the environments, simple contours and sober surfaces define it. Straights and curves are everywhere and resolve ergonomic and aesthetic issues. Its diversity is in the colors and the possibility of customizing it with graphics, quality provided by the material used.”

cell bathroom colors

“Ideal for places with a reduced area, the space is only occupied when it is in use and its installation only depends on a single wall where electrical, water and sewage pipes pass. Its dimensions meet the standards of ergonomics and use of environments; adopted by architecture.”

“As a designer, I seek, in professional contact with the market, constant improvement and learning through new experiences, new tools and teamwork,” says Silva.