Space is a luxury many of us cannot afford much of – which makes it critical that we make the most of what we have. Permanent walls are a pain to work around as each person requires their own spatial configurations. What if we did away with them, and packed everything into a mobile, modular unit that branches out as needed to create dynamic spaces to suit individual needs.
StudioStanta has envisioned a way to make use of transforming and space-saving furniture spatial divider systems that allow for maximum flexibility without sacrificing style and individuality for each setup or section within given arrangement. In short: a degree of personalization is still given to the occupant who can tweak the design details to their needs within the overall system.

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A degree of privacy is maintained within any interior layout as the central walls organize any space. Electrical networks need only have one route into the partition system and then can be spread internally. Some items can be packed away within the walls when the modules are closed as well.