New bookcases are built with straight sides and simple shelves for a reason beyond simplicity of construction. Like standard shelving, these fit neatly into rectilinear interior spaces … but on, on the inside, are shaped to surprise.

Munkii describes their design as “flamboyantly baroque” as it clearly draws on ornate custom-cut curves of classic wood-worked dressers and cases. The velvety red-brown interior is also a reference to this materiality, while the white frame serves as a blank-canvass backdrop for the core decor.

Right angles make it easy to put this piece in a corner or against a wall – functional for small and contemporary rooms – while also making a bold design statement.

It might be tempting to classify this kind of vintage-style revivalism as ‘postmodern’ but … somehow the results seem to be classier (though kitsch may be in the eye of the beholder.

If you are looking for simple white shelves to blend into the background, this may not be for you … if you want an ornately-curved centerpiece that stands out, however, Vintage provides an alternative to purely abstract modern art furniture.