Leave lighting to Treluce and they will blow your mind every time. Designer Marcus Tremonto is making a name for himself as an artist, with lights that act less like fixtures and more like one-of-a-kind installation works of site-specific light sculpture.

But it is not just about the design – technology and materials play a role too, as in this super-thin, carbon-fiber ceiling ‘chandelier’ that wraps and curves to produce lighting effects that shift at every turn.

Other works are more playful, like these luminescent half-circles structured to create optical illusions – on the left, a mirror doubles the image to make the object look like a full lamp; on the right, the semi-circles are cut at an angle to make the lamp appear trapped in the wall.

Playing with topography, these lit landscape pieces tell stories of tone and texture through layers of light and dark.

And then there are the most abstract pieces, wall-hanging works of light art that are show the possibilities of simple LED and other string-lighting technologies to not just brighten a space but animate it as well.