stacked boxes storage idea

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Bookcases function as storage but also display cases for our favorite objects, books and other media. There are many rigid, standard-sized and built-in shelving units but having a dynamic system of wood DIY bookshelves is a great way to accommodate all shapes of and sizes of your favorite objections. While you cannot yet buy these, they are cheap enough that they deserve to be put into mass production.

stacked diy storage idea

The design idea behind the Boox concept is simple: by stacking the open shelves and storage boxes as you want to you create niches for your display objects as well as the things you want to keep behind closed doors. Each modular construction block makes it possible to arrange an affordable-but-stylish system of voids and solids at whatever custom height you want.

stacked diy bookshelf system

Since the constituent modules are simple rectangular and square boxes the entire system is of course also promisingly inexpensive, but the possible configurations look anything but cheap and add a layer of visual patterns to an interior layout even without objects on or in them. There is no fixed pattern to adhere to and no reason not to transform the furniture system entirely from one month or move to the next.