10 unit system chair artek shigeru ban

Ten L-shaped pieces are all you need to quickly snap together a chair, bench or table with the 10 Unit Seating System by Finnish furniture company Artek and architect Shigeru Ban. Simple, elegant and environmentally friendly, the 10 Unit Seating System is made from non-toxic, sustainable and recyclable wood-plastic composite.

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10 unit system chair artek shigeru ban components
10 unit system chair artek shigeru ban holding parts

This modern modular seating system was displayed as a long sculptural bench consisting of 25 sets on the deck of The Standard in New York City for the ‘One Chair is Enough’ exhibition during Milan Design Week 09.  Available in black and white, 10 Unit Seating System creates minimalist, graphic arrangements. The ProFi composite material is durable and long-lasting, made from surplus materials left over from the production of self-adhesive label stock.

10 unit system chair artek shigeru ban white
10 unit system chair artek shigeru ban chair
10 unit system chair artek shigeru ban with tables

Shigeru Ban is known for marrying his minimalist aesthetic with a dedication to sustainability. The architect makes use of unexpected materials for unlikely-seeming applications, like creating bridges, pavilions and churches from cardboard tubes. Ban has demonstrated that cardboard’s low cost, structural integrity and wide availability makes it an ideal material for emergency shelters.

More info via the Art Institute of Chicago:

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has become recognized for the development of socially conscious projects through his innovative use of materials and unconventional approach to architecture and design. He is perhaps best known for developing modular papertube constructions used to swiftly and inexpensively erect temporary buildings that provide shelter and services to people who have been displaced by natural disasters. Ban has also applied his practice of modular design with recyclable materials to the design of consumer objects, as seen here in the 10-Unit System, manufactured by Artek.”

10 unit system chair artek shigeru ban with tables
10 unit system chair artek shigeru ban seated

“Similar to the paper tube constructions, Ban developed a system of parts—identical in form—that can be arranged in multiple configurations. In this piece a range of objects, including a chair, a table, and a bench, can be created through the simple L-shaped component made from a wood plastic composite. Through the use of hybrid construction methods and his intimate knowledge of materials, Ban created this furniture that is easy to assemble and disassemble, providing maximum flexibility for the user.”