modern kitchen design

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What if you reversed your normal understanding of a kitchen, with space in the middle and surfaces, storage and so forth all around the outside? This modern kitchen design concept by 3 Chinese designers takes the notion of a central island and makes it a focal point for communal cooking. This all-in-one kitchen core serves every single function you could want out of a kitchen but also employs clever space-saving design strategies and yields mobile, modular and multifunctional benefits.

modern kitchen design idea

Cupboards and surfaces can be rotated as needed for everyone to access and design as a whole combines washing, mixing and cooking while keeping each function separate within the circle. A combination lighting system and vent hood is position above the island centerpiece and contains cabinets that likewise pivot on a central axis.

modern kitchen design concept

While the engineering and stylistic considerations of the design are themselves admiral and visually pleasing, the notion of converting a kitchen from a room into a node is perhaps the most fascinating part of this idea – it essentially inverts our traditional conception of modern kitchen design and challenges our conventional notions of community cooking space.