Luxury Modular Bed De Sede

This luxury modular bed by Hugo de Ruiter may be the first truly novel idea for an adaptable bed-and-couch combination seen in quite some time. A focus shift is the key: instead of forcing the main mattress area to fold, twist or otherwise contort itself into a new configuration, the flexible modular headboard makes all the changes you need.

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Luxury Modular Bed De Sede lounger

The result isn’t exactly a typical sofa, but the movable leather elements do let you use the space in different-but-similar ways, for lounging together, reading apart, or anything in between. Designer Hugo de Ruiter created this for De Sede, the Swiss luxury leather furniture manufacturer whose designs are in high demand on exclusive sites like 1stDibs. You can find “De Sede DS-1165” there for a cool $22,640.

Luxury Modular Bed De Sede casual daytime

More info from the designer

“Who says that a bed should have a headboard or a footboard?  A Bed for day- and night dreaming;  DS 1164 . Clearly derived from sofa furniture variants, these designs create a revolution in your bedroom. In this De Sede bed you will experience a rendezvous with imagination. It is an endless bed for an endless bedroom. The backrests will shift effortlessly into the proper position for every occasion: from front to back, and from left to right.”


“Watching a movie late at night on your left side and enjoying a magnificent view on your right, everything is possible with these models. In addition to being pleasing to the eye, these beds are great for enjoying a good night’s rest. Various adjustment possibilities for slats and mattresses allow the models to be customized according to your personal preferences. “


About Hugo de Ruiter

“I consider upholstered furniture to be like a third skin. Just like a good piece of clothing, your furniture should be comfortable and suit you in many ways. My designs are dynamic in both shape and use. Components that are easy to move or shift ensure that the piece of furniture is perfectly adjustable to its user and thus able to keep up with daily life. This can range from a private moment or an intimate gathering to active comfort during the day or a lazy evening on the couch. A compact table ingeniously doubles in size to offer a warm welcome to friends at night. 
In my work I call this (E)motion.”