triabook wall shelves

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Small-space living solutions can be a little clunky or odd-looking at times, but the Triabook shelves from Elemotions are graceful and stylish even while they save space in your home.

shelves triabook small spaces

Made only of oak planks and leather straps, the concept is deceptively simple. But seeing them in action reveals just how smart and useful these unique shelves are.

elemotions triabook shelves

When they are not in use, or when you simply need more space, the planks flip onto their sides and lie flat against the wall. They look like modern pieces of art in that position, perfectly blending into nearly any decorating style.

fold flat wall shelves

The simple materials and no-nonsense design of the Triabook shelves make them ideal for a home that needs a little more storage, but can’t afford to lose any space permanently.