modern minimalist hanging lamps

Designer Katerina Kopytina brought fun and whimsy to home lighting with her Light Bean project. The minimalist light fixtures do indeed look like beans thanks to their shape; perhaps even sprouting beans if you include the cord.

light bean oak hanging lamp

According to the designer, the wooden part of each light is machine-made for precision and uniformity, then hand-finished for exceptional quality and a personal touch.

light beans black

The wood used for the Light Beans is all locally sourced oak. It’s then hand-finished with a natural oil and left in its natural color or painted black.

hanging lamp oak and colored cords

Each Light Bean comes with a colorful cord – there are 12 colors of textile-ensconced cords to choose from. The variety of colors lets the Light Bean fit into any room and any decor.

bean shaped modern quirky light fixtures

The globe light bulb on each lamp does more than simply illuminate a room; it is an integral part of the playful “bean” shape. Individually, these small hanging lamps are perfectly minimal and kind of adorable. Hung together in a group, they make a bold statement