3d printed tap 4
Witnessing her fellow students awkwardly try to drink water from a regular faucet prompted ECAL student Alice Spieser to re-think the standard water fountain design as her graduation project. The result of this observation is a refreshingly simple, practical and elegant tap that functions as both a conventional faucet and a drinking fountain.
3d printed tap 2
3d printed tap 3
Two openings angle in either direction, with the water flowing down unless you block the bottom opening with your fingertip. In addition to its usefulness for taking a drink after washing your hands, it also simplifies the process of rinsing your mouth after brushing your teeth, eliminating the need for a glass.
3d printed tap 1

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A disc at the top of the fixture can be adjusted to control the water pressure. ‘Down Up’ comes in ‘anthracite’ charcoal gray and was manufactured in plastic using 3D printing to save time and money. Spieser worked with Swiss tap manufacturer KWN to create the internal parts of the tap. The design is up for a James Dyson Award.