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There is nothing unusual about this pair of metal chairs – standard seats and back supports, a regular rigid frame and finish for indoor or outdoor use. A few wooden planks, however, convert this chair set into bench-style garden seating for three.

Various configurations for facing the same or opposite directions are possible, with or without a back rest, depending upon whether you slot two or four boards between the chairs on either side. Assuming the wood were strong enough, one could even extend the length simply by inserting longer support members.

The naturally-light wood contrasts with the darker-painted metal to make it clear that there are multiple pieces that go into making the whole. Aissa Logerot has worked on everything from tables to tableware (as well as lamps, phones and bookcases in between).

Still, this simple piece of furniture might be the most brilliant despite (or perhaps because) its elemental form, basic materials and multi-functional nature – not to mention the ease with which it is transformable.

About Aïssa Logerot

Aïssa Logerot is a french designer born in 1981. He graduated in industrial design master at Ensci les ateliers in Paris and in Ensaama Olivier de Serres. Before studying industrial design, he learned traditional crafts of wood and specially the manufacturing of furniture at Ecole Boulle.. Inspired of the everyday life, he creates objects that are both practical, discreet and off-beat.”