We’ve all had ample time to examine every square inch of our homes during this past year of COVID quarantining, and that includes the space under our feet: our flooring. If your floors are driving you crazy but you’re not ready to replace them entirely, there are still plenty of ways to dress them up and give them a fun, fresh vibe.

Painting or Whitewashing Hardwood

Whitewashed Hardwood Floors

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Diamond Painted Hardwood Floors

If your hardwood floors are looking tired, you can get an entirely different aesthetic with a little paint or stain. Whitewashing can provide an airy, coastal effect that showcases the uniqueness of each plank. It involves bleaching your existing color out, sanding down the wood, and applying a mix of water and light paint over the top. Traditional painting is also a great option if you want a specific color. A black floor can bring in the moody vibe gaining popularity these days. You can even paint patterns over the top of the wood for more artsy or modern looks. Just be sure to seal your work at the end to keep it safe from foot traffic.

Covering Tile with Stencils or Stickers

Tile stickers from Target

Grouted tile floors cost a fortune to pull out, but they can easily be stenciled or covered with floor stickers for a similarly dramatic makeover. Your design is only limited by your imagination, after all, as motif and color choices are endless. These water-resistant tile stickers from Target are applied by peeling away the backing and placing them in the desired location. They instantly add glamor and contemporary flair. Plus, you can always switch them out for a new design down the road.

Geometric Floor Stencil from Etsy

Stenciling is also a good DIY alternative. This large geometric stencil on Etsy boasts a small price tag and changes ordinary bath and kitchen tiles into something truly exciting.

Floor Art

Personalized Floor Mat from LetterFolk

You could also insert some artistic flair under your feet by creating your own personalized floor mat like this one from LetterFolk. The kit comes with a mat base and plenty of mini tiles to design your own mosaic of shapes or words

Gorgeous floor wallpaper gives this ordinary bathroom floor the look of lavish marble.

This artsy floor wallpaper paints a lush natural scene directly beneath your feet.

If you’re ready for more intense floor art, many companies are now producing ground wallpaper with mind-blowing graphics. You can choose from things like making your bathroom floor look like a solid slab of gorgeous marble to transforming your office into a forested paradise. The wallpaper is printed in large custom sheets that are then laid down to make amazing pictures and designs. For durability and shine, an epoxy goes over the top to lock it all in place.


Eye-catching rugs like this Turkish Kilim are really unsurpassed in tying rooms together.

Yes, they may be the obvious way to decorate floors, but never underestimate the power of a good rug to give your room a full metamorphosis. Just look how this Turkish Kilim rug gives a shot of energy to this living space! And don’t be afraid to put rugs in unexpected places, either. Even the kitchen can benefit from some well-placed floor coverings for coziness and texture.


Few things make wood floors pop like the lush green hues of healthy houseplants!

A glossy-leaf plant in an eye-catching pot can bring attention to your floor in all sorts of new ways. Look for easy-to-care-for greenery and pots that won’t leak.


Blue Leather Pouf from Pottery Barn

Adding some low seating pieces also enhances the style of your floors. This blue leather pouf from Pottery Barn conveys a spirit of warmth and welcome in practically any room it’s in.


A decorative lamp can highlight your flooring in just the perfect spot. This one from West Elm beautifully arcs up and over, directing your eyes back towards the ground.

Gorgeous floor lamp from West Elm

So the next time you’re stuck staring at your floors, remember there are plenty of options for sprucing them up – all with minimal mess or wait.