introverso 2 silhouette
We’ve all felt the type of frustration that makes you want to take a sledgehammer to something breakable. Italian designers Moreno Ratti and Paolo Ulian created the Introverso 2, a beautiful rectangular vase that looks like stacks of marble slabs. See it in the right light, however, and its fun secret becomes apparent.
breakaway marble vase introverso 2
Seen straight-on, the rectangular vase reveals the silhouette of a more traditionally-shaped vase. It’s a bit like looking at a curved vase through a set of closed blinds. The Introverso 2 is lovely just as it is, but if you ever feel the need to bust out a sledgehammer and start breaking things, this is the one vase that can handle it.
breakaway vase

Using a hammer, you chip away the corners and edges of the rectangular vase until the curved interior vase reveals itself. The marble neatly breaks away until the perfect, elegant, slightly angular inner vase stands where the rectangular vase once was. The vase can be used in either shape – but we recommend leaving it in its original form until you have a very, very bad day.