For decades, Scandinavia has been known for its stylish interior designs and household products. Magisso, a Finnish company and award-winning lifestyle brand that was established in 2008, is part of the reason why the area has garnered that reputation. It makes functional and user-friendly kitchenware that unsurprisingly looks great, too. At this year’s Dwell on Design convention in downtown Los Angeles, Dornob decided to check out the company’s newest collection.
White Line Cooling Ceramics - Magisso White Line Cooling Ceramics - Magisso White Line Cooling Ceramics - Magisso
Magisso’s new “White Line” cooling ceramics, which were designed by Simon Stephens, marry forward-thinking functionality with a pared-down aesthetic. Unless you have a constant supply of ice cubes on hand or access to a fridge or freezer, refrigeration can be a tricky business. When the weather is hot, food and drink that’s left in standard crockery will usually turn warm. Luckily, Magisso’s cooling ceramics are not standard crockery.
White Line Cooling Ceramics - Magisso White Line Cooling Ceramics - Magisso
Simply soak your Magisso bowl, wine cooler, plate, or carafe in water for a minute or two and watch as the droplets start to disappear. Afterward, anything you put in the ceramics should stay cool for hours! You’ll finally be able to enjoy your grapes, strawberries, watermelon, and salads outdoors without having to worry about them wilting in the heat. Plus, all the pieces in the “White Line” range feature a matte black exterior that allows for a bit of fun and personalization. Take a piece of chalk and inscribe a heart, the name of a diner, or a friendly message on them.
Happy Pet Project Bowls - Magisso
Of course, it wasn’t enough for Magisso to ensure a cooler dining experience for all people, so it went the extra mile and created the perfect petware for dogs and cats! The company’s “Happy Pet Project Bowls” keep food and water fresh for hours and limit the risk of bacterial contamination.
Happy Pet Project Bowls - Magisso Slow-Dining Happy Pet Project Bowls - Magisso
If your pet’s needs are more specific, you might consider Magisso’s “slow-dining” food bowl, which harbors a cute secret. A bone-shaped insertion in the well of the bowl forces pets to eat their food differently than they normally would, slowing down the process and preventing overeating and indigestion issues. Since it prolongs your pet’s chewing time, the bowl can also be said to increase saliva production and promote good dental hygiene.
White Line Cooling Ceramics - Magisso

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UCLA collaborated with Tekes’ Global Access Program, or GAP, to help Magisso establish itself in the US. Tekes provides funding for companies, research organizations, and public sector service providers in Finland. Magisso currently has offices in Helsinki and North Carolina, though the company hopes that its innovative, functional designs will gain it global recognition soon enough.
According to Magisso’s CEO Juhani Sirén, the company usually comes up with an idea in one of two ways: either in-house or from outside sources. “It can come from a designer or a housewife, or whoever is facing a problem at their home.” He goes on to say, “Consumers are more and more demanding, they want something more than just the design, the good looks. They want to have that functionality around the product and I think that’s something Magisso is all about.”