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Unless you’re the hardcore backpacking type, chances are you’ve had a camping experience in a squat, flimsy tent that left you wishing for the comfort of your bed and a shelter that’s at least tall enough to stand up in. Minimalist tents have their time and place, but sometimes you want a shelter that offers more room – maybe even enough room to hold a yoga class or host a dinner party. But it still has to be easy to transport and set up. If you think that’s asking for too much, check this out.

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Not only is the Lotus Belle big enough for the aforementioned activities, you can fit entire bedrooms inside, including queen-sized beds, rugs, dressers and whatever else you can dream up (although those items, of course, are going to affect the portability factor.) Yet the smaller 13-foot-wide version packs down into a single duffle bag, while the 16-foot size, which is 56% larger, takes up just two bags.

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The luxury tent has a highly distinctive look that definitely stands out from the crowds when it’s set up at festivals and campgrounds, reminiscent of an inflatable structure. It’s waterproof, and has a durable floor made of the same PVC that kayaks are constructed from. Ten supporting poles and multiple guy ropes keep it from flying away in strong winds.

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You can even get one with a flue hole so you can put a wood stove or air conditioner inside. The ease of transport makes it perfect for weekend trips, but once set up, you can leave it up for six months to a year, so it’s almost as permanent as a yurt, anyway. Check out more versions of the tent at Lotus Belle.