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A phenomenon called “glamping” has been overtaking the world for people who want to experience the outdoors but don’t want to deal with bugs, tents, and sleeping bags. Glamping, a combination of “glamorous” and “camping,” lets people enjoy the experience of camping without abandoning modern conveniences. A young South Korean design studio called Archiworks has completed a luxury campsite in the remote mountains of the Yang-Pyeong region in South Korea.

glamping site

luxurious campsite

archiworkshop glamping for glampers

The site, appropriately called Glamping for Glampers, contains luxury sleeping accommodations that are more or less very fancy tents. There are two shapes: the semi-circular Stacking Doughnut and the stretching, worm-like, expandable Modular Flow. The round units feature a covered deck at the front, connecting the bedroom and living room. The long units have a large deck at the front and a smaller deck at the back.

modular flow unit

modular flow glampers

luxury tent cabin

The modular flow units are more flexible, allowing them to house just one or two campers or to expand to accommodate several people. Both styles of cabins are made of steel frames with stretched membranes forming the outer walls. Polished wooden floors and indoor toilet facilities provide a sense of luxury, even out in the wilderness. Archiworks designed the outer membranes of the units to be fire, water, and UV resistant, eliminating some more of the annoying factors of traditional camping.

interior modular flow

interior 2 modular flow

semi-rigid camping structures

Archiworks created this project to give glampers the chance to be close to nature, even if the idea of camping is intimidating or distasteful to them. Here, they do not have to worry about carrying around a camp stove, hiking off into the woods to answer the “call of nature,” or setting up an uncooperative tent. They are free to set up in a home-like environment and then enjoy and explore the beautiful natural surroundings almost immediately.