laurel way residence
This ultra-luxurious modern residence in Beverly Hills is the work of celebrated architects Whipple Russell. Flowing down from a hilltop, the home is a love letter to modern design and luxury living.
ultramodern laurel way residence
According to the architects, the goal for this project was to make each space feel like its own special experience. Zones are created in which different senses are invoked, from the sounds of flowing water to the scents of delicate orchids.
beverly hills luxury home
In keeping with Marc Whipple’s signature style, contrasts abound. An outdoor fire feature in the middle of a water feature, smooth glass against textured walls, horizontals and verticals – things that don’t normally fit together but which look positively radiant in Whipple’s hands.
hilltop home laurel way
There is a constant connection with the outdoors when you are in the home, largely thanks to the abundance of glass. The home feels light and airy, in part because there is a half-inch gap between the ceiling and the tops of the walls.
kitchen laurel way residence
Surrounding the home are three levels of greenery and a water feature not unlike a moat. These details serve not only to visually lift the home up from the hills, but to provide a sense of security to the residents.
luxurious beverly hills laurel way home

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Each space in the home was meant to be seen as an individual “jewel box,” carefully conceived to be dramatic yet unfailingly functional. The outdoor spaces are likewise divided into zones, ranging from relaxed to businesslike but never wavering in their exceptional style.